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Turning Assets Into Investments 

By giving a business a fair chance to succeed in today's market, we provide them with 15+ years of market knowledge, business operations, and experts who are today's leaders in their field.

Our position is to open doors and provide opportunities they have not had in the past. 


   Throughout platforms, we give existing businesses the know-how and expertise to run a small or a medium business. Our brands in our portfolio allow us to maximize our success, given their diversity in different verticals. 

We ensure that those brands can take pride in themselves within the group. Whether providing in-house or client services, our sister companies are the pillar of our portfolio's sustainability.  


In our methods, we always opt for providing unique and disruptive techniques, through research, achieving brand nourishment while conveying optimization and strength. 

Our Mission

To inspire and nurture, powered by unparalleled opportunities reflecting iconic brands.

Our Vision 

To continuously provide opportunities and possibilities to expand successfully. 


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Our Leadership 

At Al Jedad Holding, Corporate Responsibility goes hand in hand with compassion. It is about being a responsible citizen of society that benefits the company.


Raida Abdulsalam Abu Issa 

Our Founder

An entrepreneur by nature, coupled with market knowledge and ambition to bring change, this allowed her to successfully be part of a quick-changing and challenging market over the years.  

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Mohamad Ibrahim Bitar

Our Group CEO

Mohamad Bitar represents the perfect combination of engineering, precision, and business acumen. He does not just occupy a role, he transforms it through versatility and a relentless drive to perfection

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 Sister Companies 

Multi-category and Diversity


 Integrated Marketing Communication 
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 Business Consultation & ERP 

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 Consumer & Market Research

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Sandwich Factory 


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  Baab Trading 

       Branding & Advertising Agency

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       Branding & Advertising Agency

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Team Restaurants 

                  Corporate Catering                                      
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Rise VC 

 Private Regional Investment 

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 Restaurant Management 

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