Our Group CEO

Mohamad Ibrahim Bitar  

Strength: Innovative approach towards business strategies.

Area of Growth: To always stay updated with the rapidly changing tech world, he frequently partakes in tech conferences and training sessions.  

His multifaceted role within Al Jedad Holding exemplifies versatility and passion. With a strong grounding in mechanical engineering, he's adeptly fused his skills in software, marketing, and business optimization.  Mohamad Bitar represents the perfect combination of engineering, precision, and business acumen. He does not just occupy a role, he transforms it, imbuing his position with passion, versatility, and a relentless drive for excellence. 

A hallmark of his leadership lies in his innovative approach to business strategies. He has a unique ability to anticipate market trends, weaving them into the very fabric of Al Jedad Holding's operations. He masterfully crafts strategies that are not only proactive but also resilient, ensuring the company stays ahead of the curve. 

Mohamad Bitar actively engages with the global tech community, immersing himself in conferences and training sessions. this continuous learning ethos ensures he remains abreast of the latest advancements, integrating them seamlessly into the holding company.